AnnMarie and Major are co-founders of Leverage Lab, a digital marketing company located on 31st between Troost and Gillham in KCMO.


Leverage Lab

Justin and Rashaun are the owners of Urban Cafe. 


What started in a smaller location and grew into a food truck, is now being transformed into a beautiful, well-operating business.   


Justin & Rashaun Clark

Artis is the owner of Artis Photography & Event Space. 


He's now been in business for over 35 years, growing his photography portfolio and running a private event space on Cherry Street.   


Stacey Artis

Anita Moore

These are just a few of the great stories we've seen unfold. Is yours next? 

300 Wyandotte St. #400 Kansas City, MO 64105

Photos by: Stacey Artis, Artis Photographers  

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