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Connecting Business

Owners to Capital

When you succeed, so do we. It's that simple. 

Starting and growing a business isn't easy and we get that. The EDC Loan Corp (EDCLC) was founded to help business owners by connecting them to capital to help fund things like expansions, equipment purchases, new hires, and more. If you qualify, we want to help you reach that next business milestone.  


But after working with the EDCLC, he was able to secure a loan that helped him grow his event space and photography business.


There are three different types of loans we can provide. As long as you're located in Kansas City, MO, have previously been turned down by a financial institution, and are a for-profit business, we can likely help.  

Turned down by a bank?

Artis was too. 

“It's going to take time to get all your ducks in a row, but it's so worth it.”

Stacey Artis
Founder, Artis Event Space & Photography

Loan Recipient 2017

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